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What is the best time to post on Instagram? It has been proved that the best time to post on Instagram is between 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This is because maximum users are available in these specific time slots, and you will find ample opportunity to become a part of the rising trend.

Every region and brand has a different sweet spot for posting on Instagram. However, the morning or afternoon is the time when most people use social media. It allows people to connect with friends and family, share their thoughts and feelings, and even get some work done.

Instagram: A Quick Overview

Instagram is a photo-sharing app that allows you to post photos and videos. It has been around since October 6, 2010. There are over 1 billion users, so this is a relatively young app.

The future of Instagram is bright. The platform has over 1 billion users across the globe and 200 million from the US and is growing fast. The world’s most popular social network has $1 billion each year.

Instagram is one of the most important platforms for marketing and advertising. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the original Instagram.

The founders built their platform to surpass Facebook. Then, with just 40 employees, they created what eventually became the most popular social network globally.

The founders started posting pictures of cats and dogs on Instagram and soon realized that this was a powerful tool for businesses to interact with their customers. As a result, it became the most popular social network for business in 2006, reaching 200 million daily users.

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, and it is now part of Facebook’s portfolio of businesses. As a result, Instagram constantly expands to new markets and has won awards from many sources worldwide, including Time magazine and Forbes, as one of the most popular apps on the App Store.

It is a great way to promote your business and give your customers a glimpse into what you do. With the growing popularity of Instagram, it is crucial to post timely and relevant content to grab your audience’s attention.

The Best Time to Post on Instagram – Daily Report


Peak Hour: 11:00 AM

Lowest Hour: 12:00 AM

Best Time to Post on Instagram

A lot of people have a hard time spending time on their own. They are busy with work, family, and other things. It takes a little time to up and get out of bed in the morning.

Everyone has pending family tasks, and they may visit outside, take short camping with family, travel to a tourist spot, or sleep all day to be relieved from overwhelming tiredness.

That is why Sunday night is also the lowest point as they sleep early to get up early on Monday for office or school. Therefore, only post the morning time like 11:00 AM till 2:00 PM, is considered the best time for Instagram postings.


Peak Hours: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM 

Lowest Hour: 12:00 AM

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Usually, people scroll, like, or comment during office break timings or even use their workstations if social media is not strictly forbidden officially. Therefore, few experts suggest that the mid-day peak hour trends are due to high social media engagement at lunch break.


Peak Hour: 11:00 AM

Lowest Hour: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Once again, post morning or before mid-day indicates users’ higher traffic and flow on Instagram. We are supposed to post a story, real or picture, at lunch break to get more engagement.


Peak Hour: 11:00 AM

Lowest Hour: 8:00 PM

Best Time to Post on Instagram

The trend on Wednesday is not different from than last few days. The peak hour is lunch break time, and the lowest point is night.


Peak Hour: 11:00 AM

Lowest Hour: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Surprisingly Thursday at 11:00 AM is the busiest hour on Instagram. However, you can post a picture or share a reel, which will boost immediately if you have produced quality content and have a medium-based following.

People want to take a little longer break after a few work days and share their time on social media mid-week. However, Instagram has rolled out a few other more important algorithms which ensure that your posts are most likely to be seen by the right people for the right reasons.


Peak Hour: 10:00 AM

Lowest Hour: 6:00 PM

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Amazingly the peak time is a bit earlier than other days of the week. The lowest hour is the evening at 6:00 PM. The reason is not clear. However, few bloggers assume that people may plan for their Saturday nights or weekends. So they are using other interactive texting platforms like WhatsApp instead of posting on Instagram.


Peak Hour: 11:00 AM

Lowest Hour: 11:00 PM

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Saturday is the end of the week for most of the work. It’s a chance to do something different and maybe have a few drinks with friends. However, it’s also a time to meet new people, go out with friends, and have fun.

Only reticent and introverts may use social media on Saturday evenings. That is why Saturday night is considered the lowest social media user globally. The reason is obvious as people want to enjoy “real social life” instead of scrolling or commenting on social media pictures and posts on Saturday night.

The Best Time to Post on Instagram – Weekly Report

From a wide range of online activities, a 5-hour workweek, and even a 7-day work week, people spend most of their time on social media, if not all week.

A study has determined how people use social media every week. It found that people tended to do mostly text searches and conversations on social media at mid-week.

Thursday would be considered the hottest day for social media as people want to take a break after a few days’ hectic routines. The study was conducted by the research group of the communications company – Massive Innovations, Inc.

This study should be considered when you plan to do an online marketing campaign, post a picture or post on Instagram during your holiday break, or any other time during a weekend.

The analysis found that 28.2 percent of the workforce were on social media during mid-week breaks. This is significantly higher than any other time in the week.

Weekends usually have a lower engagement ratio because people enjoy “real social life” rather than clicking on smart screens and making impressions on “virtual social life.”

Best Time to Post on Instagram - Weekly

Overall Timing for Posting on Instagram

Amazingly, mid-day has been found as the peak hours for Instagram, and the reason is obvious. People tend to participate in social gatherings or spend family time in the evening, so they find 10:00 AM to 12 AM the most suitable time for social media.

It may vary, and the result may differ based on age and region. For example, students may find it hard to use social media during school hours, so they prefer to scroll through Instagram in the evening when they get free. However, office folks prefer to click and comment during office breaks or workstations.

Overall the best time to post on instagram

How to Check the Instagram Trend (Location & Time)

1)- Visit Google Trends at https://trends.google.com.

2)- Put down the keyword “Instagram.”

How to find trend

3)- You can apply the time duration filter; the most recommended one is the past 7-days to go through the weekly trend.

How to find trend

4)- Click on your state or specific region on the map section and download the CSV file for analysis on a Microsoft spreadsheet.


Lunchtime or post-morning period (10:00 AM to 12: PM ) is considered the peak hours and maximum user engagements on Instagram. It is the best time to post. Traffic is low on weekends as compared to mid-week.

However, if you are a newbie on Instagram, try to post constantly across the week and at least upload two quality posts daily to engage your followers.

The best time to post on Instagram should be a second point as there are a few more prominent and crucial points in new algorithms.

Instagram is planning to use crowdsourcing in its algorithm. The algorithm is expected to be based on users’ interests and not just their follower count. Instagram is planning so it would reward users for their liking of the posts.

This is expected to minimize the number of unfollows and encourage likes on Instagram. Likely, Instagram would further increase its user base using this model.

The statistics are not yet available, but it’s clear that if Instagram continues to provide more advantages to its users, it would have a good opportunity to generate more engagement.

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