Terms and Conditions Refer to legally binding contracts that outline what the company will provide and what the customer agrees to use their product or service. TCS typically contains a list of terms and conditions but does not have to.

It is an agreement between two parties where one party agrees to abide by certain rules in exchange for something from another party.

The other party may be an individual or group like an organization, government agency, or corporation. It is also called a contract between two parties, for example, when someone signs up for a membership at Postdock.com.

Definition of Key Terms

Definition of Customer

The customer is the entity that purchases goods or services from a company. In a legal context, the term customer is defined as any person who intends to contract for goods or services.

Definition of a website

A website is a collection of related web pages. Websites are designed to provide content, typically organized around a specific theme or subject, and may provide services or carry content from other websites. Here, the term website refers to www.Postdock.com.

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when a person or company owner of a website pays someone to create and promote their products for them. Typically, the owner will give the affiliate commission on any purchases made.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy where an individual or company receives a commission from a person or company that the affiliate has referred. These vendors purchase advertising space with an affiliate to reach new audiences and raise brand awareness.

Affiliate marketing is a way for people to earn money from their blog, website, or social media presence. These established companies are looking for people who can share their content with the world, and for that, these companies need to compensate them with a commission on sales or products sold.

 Definition of Third Party Ads Services

Third-party advertisements are ads provided by companies other than businesses dealing with the product or service. Third-party advertisements can take many forms, including paid search results, banner ads, sponsored content, and online video ads.

Definition of A Disclaimer 

A disclaimer is a legal document that typically includes a set of statements, typically in the form of a notice, warning, or announcement.

It is intended to protect consumers from harm by stating that the person or company issuing the notice has not made certain representations about a product or service and will not be liable for any damages arising from those representations.

 Postdock Terms and Conditions

Postdock Terms and Conditions here refer to the rules governing a website’s use. They are usually included in terms of service or privacy policy.

They are important because they explain what you can do on a website, what you can’t do, or how to use it. In addition, reading these terms before using any website is important because they often contain information about what laws might apply to your use of Postdock.com.

Terms and Conditions

 1)- Most posts have been published solely to share information with the readers. However, affiliate marketing-related review pages are transferred to earn a commission.

2)- All factual-based information has been furnished with proper reference or citation.

 3)- We offer 100% original content that is free of plagiarism and can be used by anyone. We have a team of expert writers trained in all subjects to provide content on any topic.

4)- We don’t provide any guarantee or warranties regarding the effectiveness of third-party affiliate products.

5)- We don’t commit any Refund/Return of Product/ Credit back on wallet offer for customers of third-party affiliate products.

 6)- Customers should contact the original website/producer/supplier/affiliate forum/business platform for refund/return or other complaints.

 7)- We provide various affiliate products, so please do not leave negative reviews since you are unsatisfied with the item.

Feel free to contact us in case of any queries or concerns at info@postdock.com