10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

A dog is an animal that has been domesticated for thousands of years. It is one of the most popular pets worldwide, and many consider them their children. Dogs have been used as hunting animals, working animals, and companions for humans since they were first domesticated in ancient times. Even the dog has been mentioned in the Bible as well.

A dog is a canine family member, including dogs and wolves. These animals have been domesticated for thousands of years and are currently valued for their intelligence, loyalty, and beauty.

Why can a dog be dangerous?

But dogs can be dangerous if they decide to attack you or your family members because they do not know how to deal with human emotions or if you choose to ignore them when they become aggressive towards you or your family members.

Some of them even attack people intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, keeping your dog on a leash when on walks is recommended. Also, never let your dog go off-leash in the park or any other area if you do not want him to get into trouble with other people.

Some dog breeds are more dangerous than others. This is because they are harder to train and have a higher chance of causing harm to people. And other animals. Dogs labeled “high-risk” have particular characteristics: they may be aggressive, bite, and chase people or other animals.

Let me share a list of the top ten dangerous dogs in the U.S.:

1: Pitbull

Pitbulls are the most dangerous dog breed, and they are extremely aggressive. Pit bulls have had several fatal attacks on humans in recent years.

Pitbulls are considered a menace to children, as they have been known to bite their owners’ children. Some experts advise that Pitbulls should be kept away from small children and not allowed to get too close.

If the owner allows the pitbull to come into contact with young people, there is a fatality risk. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a popular dog breed with a large following.

In the U.S., there are more than 20 million pet Pitbulls. The pitbull can be found in most urban and rural households. In Europe, there are around five million dogs of this breed.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds- Pitbull

Average Age: 8-15 Years

Height: Males 18–21 inches (45–53 cm) Female 17–20 inches (43–50 cm)

Weight: Male 35–60 pounds (15–27 kg) Females–50 pounds (13–22 kg)

2: Rottweiler

Rottweilers are very dangerous dogs, and many people take them as pets. They are neither good for the health nor the environment.

These dogs can bite, scratch, lunge, and even kill a person or a family member if they need to kill someone to defend their pride and honor.

A Rottweiler may also attack a person who is not related to them. Rottweilers have been named after the box of beer that they live in.

This is why they are called “Beer Boxers.” They have grown rapidly in size in the past few years, and their aggressive behavior has become more prevalent.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds – Rottweiler

Average Age: 8-10 Years

Height: Male 27 inches and Female 22 inches

Weight: 80 to 120+ pounds (36 to 54+ kilograms).

3: German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the most popular and powerful dog breed globally. But, unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous.

The German Shepherd is one of the most potent dogs in the world. This is partly due to its incredible strength, intelligence, and loyalty. If you have a German Shepherd, you can feel safe knowing it will protect your home against intruders, but there are several disadvantages.

Dangerous traits: fighting dogs will bite, can cause harm to people and pets, and the dog may lunge at you.

Dangerous habits: German Shepherds are curious and like playing games with other dogs or children. You should always be aware of your dog when around small children. It is also known that they can entertain themselves by chasing cars or even people.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Average Life: 9–13 Years

Height: Male 24–26 inches, (60–65 centimeters)

Weight: Male 66 – 88 pounds (30 – 40 kilograms)

4: American Bulldog

The American bulldog dog breed is the sixth most dangerous breed. They are known for their faithful and loyal nature. Being very protective of their family members, they bark and fight with other animals, like cats, when left alone.

Since they are very aggressive, they can also be dangerous for children and other pets. However, these dogs are highly intelligent and have excellent memory.

This makes them a good choice for guardians but not ideal for families who want to raise the dog in a normal environment. The American Bulldog is an excellent family pet, but the dog breed has been known to get aggressive and bite if the owner does not pay attention to him.

The American Bulldog has a very sturdy and muscular build. This breed has a large head with strong jaws and ears that may be cropped, semi-prick rose, or drop.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds – American Bulldog

Average Age: 10–15 Years

Height: 20-28 Inches

Weight: 60-80 Pounds

5: Bullmastiff

Many of you might not be aware that Bullmastiff is a dangerous breed. It has a long and nasty history that makes it difficult to own.

A mastiff is a dog with a very strong and muscular body structure. They are naturally aggressive and very protective. The Romans developed them for their protection against wild animals and their use as guard dogs.

In the early 19th century, the Bullmastiff was bred as a working dog for bull-fighting in Spain. The breed was first used to fight bulls and later became the Spanish Mastiff.

Due to their aggressive nature and tendency to bite, bullmastiffs were banned from owning in 1877. This ban lasted until 1984 when they were again allowed to own them due to their popularity in Spain, where they are still very popular today.

Most of these dogs are kept as pets and bred to be house dogs. Their name comes from the Latinate doges, which means “dog.” Mastiffs were born to be strong, smart, and loyal to their owners.

They are often kept in the homes of royalty and nobility or as family dogs or show dogs.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds – Bullmastiff

Average Age: 8–10 Years

Height: Male 25–27 inches Female 24 – 26 inches

Weight: Male 110 – 130 pounds (50 – 59 kilograms) Female 100 – 120 pounds (45 – 54 kilograms)

6: Husky

There are still dogs in the world, three-legged and unruly. They have tiny brains, no opposable thumbs, and a mind so clouded by hormones they can’t tell right from wrong.

These dogs have been bred to be aggressive, pack animals that bite people or their kind. This breed was very popular in the past, but those days are gone.

The American Kennel Club’s proposed breed standard says the Pit Bull should be a “nonaggressive dog with a notable propensity to bite.” Instead, the American Coat and Clothes Dog is bred on impulse and instinct alone.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds—Husky

Average Age: 12–15 Years

Height: Male 21–23.5 inches Female 20 – 22 inches

Weight: Male 45–60 pounds Female 35 – 50 pounds.

7: Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a dog breed known for its loyalty, intelligence, and good nature. The Labrador Retriever is also known for its short hair, closely cropped above the eyes and to the back of the neck. The front of the head is fuzzy, with long hair around its eyes.

.The Labrador Retriever’s coat is very thick and heavy, with a tendency toward mats and tangles. The fur can be wiry or coarse, even when wet but should not be so fine as to look like fur or have a silky sheen.

It has a long history, and it has been used for hunting. However, it can be dangerous because it is very aggressive. The Labrador Retriever also has a reputation for being one of the most stubborn breeds of dogs.

As a puppy, the Labrador Retriever has a small body and short legs that help it walk on the ground closely. This dog breed was bred for hunting, but now it is mainly used for playing. It has a strong coat, which makes it comfortable in cold temperatures.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds—Labrador Retriever

Average Age: 10–12 Years

Height: Male 22.5–24.5 inches Female 21.5 – 23.5 inches

Weight: Male 65 – 80 pounds Female 55 – 70 pounds

8: Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher was originally bred as a rat dog and became popular due to its strong hunting instincts. Doberman Pinschers have a very high prey drive, making them dangerous when hunting large animals. However, the breed is well suited to city living and is popular in many countries because of its friendly nature.

It is a German Short-haired Pinscher dog with a hound-like face, short square tail, and prominent ears. In the past, it was known as “Dobie” or “Doberloo,” which meant “Rat Dog.”

They are in large groups and can be aggressive towards other dogs, humans, or wildlife. The Doberman pinscher has a long head and a sleek, muscular body. The ears are often cropped to stand erect, and the tail is usually docked short.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds - Doberman Pinscher

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds: Doberman Pinscher

Average Life: 10–13 Years

Height: Male 27–28 inches; Female 25-26

Weight: male, 70 pounds (32 kilograms) Female 60 – 65 pounds (27 – 29 kilograms)

9: Great Dane

Usually, people ask what kind of dog is Scooby do? It is a Great Dane. The Great Dane is a very big dog breed, but they are also very friendly to people. Great Dane is a dangerous breed of dog. They are strong, aggressive, and very intelligent.

Unfortunately, they are also very expensive to maintain and train. The reason for their bad reputation is that they are not only aggressive but also dangerous and difficult to control.

The best way to keep them under control is by training and socialization. Aggressive dogs have many different ways of expressing aggression, and your best bet is to socialize your dog.

King Charles III was a dog bred in Germany to be a strong war dog. In the 10th century, early English kings used them as war dogs.

The Great Dane was bred for its strength, agility, and bravery, especially in battle. In addition, they were used to carrying heavy loads and pulling carts. As a result, the Great Dane is fearless and loyal.

They’re terrific watchdogs, and their good-natured personality makes them easy to train.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds - Great Dane

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds – Great Dane

Average Age: 8–10 Years

Height: Male 32 inches; Female 30 inches

Weight: Male, 175 lbs (79.3 kgs) Female 140 lbs (63.5 kgs)

10:Belgian Malinois

In Belgium, that breed has been bred for over 100 years now. The Malinois was developed in Belgium by a Belgian veterinarian named Dr. Louis Terwollek (1868-1961).

He wanted to create a dog that could be used in the field, in service to the military forces, and to work with children who needed protection from wild animals.

The Belgian Malinois is the world’s most popular police dog. In the past, it was used for tracking and apprehension of criminals. Today, it is used by police forces to detect explosives and dangerous materials. The U.S. Secret Service exclusively use Great Dane and German Shepherd for Presidents and high official security purpose

It has a very strong sense of smell, a keen sense of hearing, and an excellent understanding of sight. It is also very good at detecting traces of drugs, explosives, and other dangerous environmental substances.

These dogs are used in rescue operations and police work due to their excellent working skills. Fortunately, the breed is not that aggressive, and they are used as work dogs. 

How can Belgian Malinois be dangerous?

However, this breed’s intelligence level can be easily manipulated by humans to cause harm to the owners and children. She is not prepared to deal with the dog.

Besides, malinois dogs also get aggressive towards other dogs, which makes them more dangerous in a fight.

These breeds are also susceptible to demodectic mange. Therefore, they should be treated by a veterinarian as soon as they develop this problem because it can easily spread from one dog to another.

When malinois dogs are called upon to work in police work, they need to be trained and handled carefully. The Belgian Malinois is an enthusiastic and quick dog with a natural tendency to be in motion.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds - Belgian Malinois

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds – Belgian Malinois

Average Age: 10–14 Years

Height: Male 24 to 26 inches; Female 22 to 24 inches

Weight: Male, 5 to 75 pounds (25 to 34 kilograms) Female 40 to 60 pounds (18 to 27 kilograms)


Dogs are not only man’s best friend but also a very important part of our lives. They are like us in many ways. They can be friendly, affectionate, and playful. But unfortunately, they can even be aggressive toward other animals and humans.

Lethal dogs are those that are not only harmful to their owners but also pose a threat to public safety.

Without any doubt, they are very intelligent, and they have feelings. Fortunately or unfortunately, dogs are very emotional creatures, so they can occasionally be dangerous to humans.

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