How to Stop Cat From Scratching Couch


How to stop the cat from scratching the couch? First, you must provide plenty of toys, keep the litter box clean and change room settings.

Cats are usually very playful and can be a handful to keep up with. They love to climb, jump and scratch everything in sight. It is quite difficult for humans to keep the cats away from couches and other items they want to play with.

Cats are known to be very independent pets. They like to spend most of their time lounging around the house and not get involved in any activity that doesn’t include them.

But what happens when they start pawing out? It is common for cats to scratch on things, but it can also lead to injury if you don’t stop it.

Reasons for Scratching Couch

How to stop a cat from scratching the couch is a challenging one. However, there are many solutions to this problem.

1)- Make sure your cat has plenty of toys available for them

Cats need stimulation from their environment, so make sure there are plenty of options for them when they’re bored or looking for a new toy.

2)- Keep the litter box clean

Cats like the smell of fresh cat litter because it’s similar to their mother’s scent, so keeping the box clean will help prevent your feline friend from scratching up your furniture.

3)- Make your home a safe and fun place

Cats are usually playful, so if you can provide them with a safe place to play, like an enclosed cat tunnel or some toys that they can hide from their new friend, this will help prevent scratching behavior. Also, ensure that the cat has enough space and is always supervised around the house.

4)- Keep your cat’s nails trimmed

Kitty’s nails should always be kept short to prevent scratching, so clipping them regularly will help keep your furniture safe and in one piece.

5)- Setting and Arrangement

Change the room setting and cat surrounding as below:

– Don’t leave any food or water near the couch

– Use a spray bottle of water to keep them away from the area

– Keep a litter box nearby, and make sure it is in an accessible area for your cat

– Use sticky tape, a spray bottle with water, a citronella spray, and a laser pointer.

6)- Arrange a scratching post

A scratching post helps your cat keep their claws in check and prevents them from scratching the couch, furniture, drapes, or other items of value. You can also use a scratching post to help your cat exercise and stretch its muscles.

The scratching post is a great way to keep your pet entertained. It can also serve as a training tool for cats not yet comfortable using the rest of the house as their territory.

Why Cat Loves Scratching

Cats have long been known to scratch on furniture, carpets, and curtains, but there is still no consensus on why they do this. However, some pet experts have opinions about the reasons for scratching as below:

A)- Relax and Comfort

Some scientists believe cats scratch because they are in pain, which helps them relax. The scratching couches were created to encourage social interaction and stress relief.

This is because cats are social animals that enjoy being around other cats. But unfortunately, they also need to scratch their furniture and trees to maintain their claws.

B)- Curious Nature

Cats are generally curious and affectionate animals. They love to explore their environment and learn new things. To understand why cats tend to reach out to people, you need to know about their natural behavior.

This cat is biting a toy or scratching a coach because it’s trying to figure it out. It might also be trying to figure out why the toy is there and what kind of texture its surface has.

C)- Prove Territorial Dominance

Cats are such intelligent creatures that they can figure out what is happening around them even if they cannot see it. This is why cats have been known to “scratch” objects to show dominance over the space around them.

This is the same reason the cats used to paw out to you

D)- Get Bored

A cat scratching couch is when a cat scratches or bites the sofa’s fabric because they are bored with it. This can happen when you leave them in one place for too long without giving them anything interesting to do.

Cats are social and sensitive pets. Your cat is bored and needs more stimulation in his life. They feel insecure because they are not getting enough affection from you. As a result, the cats usually grab your hands and bite them. 

They are true attention seekers and try to grab your time and care by scratching coaches and furniture. Unfortunately, to get love and care, cats sometimes sound like a pigeon.

E)- Medical Conditions

Cats are everywhere, and all love them. But unfortunately, many cats have medical conditions that the owners can see in excessive scratching.

Your cat may have an underlying medical condition, such as feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD).


Cats, like humans, need attention and affection to live a happy life.

Some people may think that cats are just independent creatures and that they don’t need anything from us. This is not true, and we must take care of them as much as possible.

The most important thing about cats is their love for affection. If you want your cat to be healthy, you should spend time with them daily, playing with them or giving them petting sessions.

Moreover, they are known to be curious and restless. They love to explore new things. If you have a cat in your house, the chances are that they will scratch the furniture or coaches.

Cats will scratch to mark their territory, but they will also scratch when they feel stressed or anxious, sometimes just because they’re bored. Cats express their grudges as well by scratching furniture and couches. 

It is hard to stop a cat from scratching the couch, but you handle it by providing toys, cleaning the litter box, and proper training.

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