How to Write Feet and Inches

How to Write Feet and Inches? Usually, we write feet and inches in either abbreviation or apostrophe symbols.

For feet, we shorten the word to “ft,” or symbolize it as a single apostrophe (‘), and for inches, we write in word as “in” and indicate it by two apostrophes (“)

For example, five feet six inches can be written down as 5ft. 6 In or 5’6″.


Size (Inches)

Words Symbols

1 Foot 1 Inch

1 ft 1 In


4 Feet 2 Inches

4 ft 2 In


11 Feet 7 Inches 11 ft 7 In


Foot and inch are very common units of measurement. It is used to measure length, width, height, and weight.

Let me guide you on how to write feet and inches informal and professional way. First, it will be helpful for you to put down the height or length of an object in written format. Foot and inch are used to describe the size of an object. The inch length is also very important if you want to know how tall someone is.

How to Write Feet

The abbreviation of feet is “ft.” A full stop should be at the end, and a single apostrophe can represent it as (‘). Make sure we are not supposed to confuse an apostrophe with a serial comma (‘).

How to write apostrophes

Window Keyboard

The apostrophe key is usually between the colon/semicolon and Enter key. Using the numeric keyboard, you can also use the combination Alt+39 with the number.

Mac Keyboard

You must simultaneously press option + Shirt + ] to write apostrophes.


Size in Feet

Abbreviation (in words) In Symbol

1 Foot

1 ft.


3 Feet

3 ft.


8 Feet

8 ft.


11 Feet 11 ft.


The abbreviation “ft” can be used for singular or plural cases.

How to Write Inches

Inches need to be written in a short form as “In” or “inch” and symbolically denoted by double apostrophes (“).

For example

Size (Inches)



1 Inch

1 In


3 Inches

3 In


5 Inches 5 In


Conversion and Unit System

In the U.S., a foot equals 0.3048 meters or about 1.098 yards (1:10,000). A foot equals 2,280 mm or 1,080 inches in imperial units (1:12,500).

The metric system of measurement is used in most parts of the world and has been adopted in many other countries. However, in some parts of the world, feet are not equal to meters or inches but are still considered equivalent units.

For example, in Singapore, feet are divided into 12 centimeters and 12 inches, while there are no such divisions for meters or inches. In addition, the conversion rate between feet and inches varies from country to country depending on local laws and customs; this can be confusing when converting from one unit system to another.


The international standard symbol for a foot is “ft” (see ISO 31-1, Annex A). Sometimes, the foot is denoted by a prime, often marked by an apostrophe. And the inch by a double prime; for example, 2 feet 4 inches is sometimes represented as 2′−4″ or 2′4″.


1- International System of Units

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