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How to Fill Out a Money Order

A money order is a legal document that requires the payment of money. It is a legal document that must be paid to the bank or government. A money order can contain information such as the person’s name, who pays for it, address, account number, etc.

This section is about filling out a money order. It also contains a step-by-step guide on how to fill out the money order.

How to Fill Out a Money Order

There are several different types of money orders, and some of them, such as cashier’s checks, postal money orders, bank drafts, etc., are very common and easy to use. Let me guide you on how to fill out a money order in a step-by-step method:

1)- Fill out The Current Date on the Top

It is highly recommended to fill out the “current date” portion in Year, Month, and Day format. For example, if the date is September 9, 2022, you must put it in the blank as 2022-09-23.

You must follow the guidelines if the date portion has specified any other format. Usually, the date writing styles are as below:

How to Fill Out a Money Order

2)- Fill in the Payee’s Name on Money Order

In the US, we use “Payee” for the person or business supposed to receive the money. This is usually a person’s name, but it can also be a company or an organization. The payee is often written in full, with hyphens that should be read as a whole word.

This is a very simple task. First, you must write the payee’s name on the Money order. It doesn’t require any creativity or imagination.

Usually, the money order section uses terms like “pay to” or “pay to the request for” for the payee. Ensure that you write the name correctly, as clarity and accuracy matter most.

We need to write the name of the payee on the Money Order. This is because there are a few reasons why we need to do it. The most important one is that we need to have a record of the payment made by the payer. If we don’t have this, it won’t be easy to prove that a payment was made.

3)- Fill Out the Address on Money Order

We need to write the address of the payee on the Monye order. Once again, the address should be accurate, and it is better to verify with the payee before writing on the money order. 

There usually two address sections are on Money Order:

A)- Pay to Address (Fill out the complete address of the payee)

B)- From Address (Write down your address)

4)- Fill Out the Amount Section on Money Order

The amount of money you will be paying on order is key. Therefore, you need to write the amount both in words and numbers.

Usually, we only write cents if the amount includes cents. We omit the cent symbol or portion if the amount is in a round figure. However, it is recommended to write the full amount in formal writing.

For example, you must write the amount as “One thousand and 00/100” for $1000 on the check. It will give a clear picture of the sender, received, and bank.

How to write a check

5)- Memo Section of the Money Order

Though it is not mandatory to fill out the memo section of the money order, it is highly suggested to fill out this section for better record-keeping purposes.

It means a purpose of the money transfer, which may be a business transaction, family help, or any other suitable reason.

6)- Signature

The Monye Order is a formal document to sign on all contracts, wills, deeds, and other legal documents. It is a mark of the highest level of respect.

The signature on this document can show that you have done your best to follow the rules and standards set by your money order institution.

Put down the signature on the given section and read the money order thoroughly before submission.


Money orders and transfers are an important part of the international payments system. It is also used to send the requesting party a letter of credit or a bail bond. In addition to international money orders, money orders in the United States are typically used for domestic payments.

Although filling out a money order is not rocket science. However, most of us get confused while filling out a money order. The simple steps to writing a money order are:

– Write down the current date

– Put down the payee’s name

– Fill out the address portion

– Mention amount in words and numbers

– Write the memo and put down the signature

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