One Step Pregnancy Test


A one-step pregnancy test is a type of pregnancy test that can determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. It can detect the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), a hormone produced during pregnancy.

One-step pregnancy tests have been around for over 30 years but have recently become more popular. The reason is that it provides ease of use and affordability. In addition, this is typically more accurate than other types of tests. As a result, it is considered the second-best pregnancy test, followed by Clearblue.

History of One Step Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests are available in various forms, such as urine, saliva, blood, or dipstick. These tests can be used by women who want to find out if they’re pregnant before they miss their period or get other signs that may indicate that they’re pregnant, like morning sickness or an increase in breast size.

Ancient Methods

Ancient China had a lot of knowledge about pregnancy. They even had a baby-making calculator that could estimate the chances of having a baby. In addition, the ancient Chinese could determine the sex and age of their unborn child with a simple pregnancy test. In old times, midwives tried to detect pregnancy based on some common pregnancy symptoms. 

Development of Pregnancy Tests

The development of the modern pregnancy test is a good example of how science and technology have evolved. It can be traced back to medieval Europe, where alchemical recipes detect pregnancy.

The first pregnancy tests were developed in the Middle Ages by alchemists. He found that if they added urine to a solution of mercury sulfide, a chemical reaction would occur and turn the urine into black crystals. The first modern pregnancy test was developed in 1887 by an American chemist named Charles Benedict.

The idea for this invention came from a pregnant woman. But unfortunately, she had never been able to get an accurate result from her home pregnancy tests passed down through generations.

Modern Test Methods and One Step Pregnancy Test

Dr. Brightman, a Harvard-trained obstetrician and gynecologist worked at the University of Washington in 1984 when he discovered digital pregnancy tests that saved the lives of many pregnant women.

He used a computer to design a digital pregnancy test that would provide accurate results in two minutes. The previous method usually required three to four hours. This new device is also much more precise than conventional tests. It can detect as early as six days before ovulation and up to three weeks after ovulation.

This discovery led to the development of other digital devices such as birth control pills and fetal monitors that have made modern-day childbirth safer for mothers and babies.

The procedure of the One Step Pregnancy Test

There are three steps to take when using one-step pregnancy tests:

First Step: Take the test stick out of the package and hold it in your hand, with the tip facing you.

Second Step: Press the test on your underwear for about 10 seconds, or dip a tip in the urine sample for a few seconds until a line appears.

Third Step: Wait for about 5 minutes for the results to appear. And then interpret the results.

How to read the results of one step pregnancy test

Once you complete the above procedure, there one or two lines appear on strips:

Single Line: You are not pregnant if there is a single line.

Double Lines: If there are two lines, you are pregnant.

One Step Pregnancy Test

False Negative and False Positive Results: One Step Pregnancy Test

A few things can cause false negatives or positives when using a one-step pregnancy test.

1)- Hormonal imbalances (such as PCOS) may cause a false-positive result.

2)- High estrogen levels may lead to a false-positive result.

3)- False positives can be caused by other disorders, pregnancy in the past, and certain medicines.

4)- The test can show a positive result when the urine contains protein. If you have a disease in your urethra or bladder.

Benefits of one step pregnancy Test

There are certain benefits of one step pregnancy test:

1)- Easy and Safe

It is an easy and safe way for women to know if they are pregnant or not. The one-step pregnancy test has also become a popular choice for couples trying to conceive and women trying to get pregnant to avoid unnecessary medical procedures while still being able to check their fertility status.

2)- Early Detection

Pregnancy tests help in the early detection of pregnancy and also provide accurate results. A one-step pregnancy test can be used as an alternative to more complicated and time-consuming testing methods for pregnancy. It takes just 3 minutes to get a result, and it is also very convenient because you can use it at any time.

3)- Affordable and easily available

A one-step pregnancy test kit is very affordable in price and availability.

4)- Accurate and Reliable

It is more convenient and less invasive than other traditional pregnancy tests. They are also more accurate than the traditional ones as they can detect whether a woman is pregnant or not in just one step.

Drawbacks of One-step pregnancy Test

A few drawbacks of one step pregnancy test are as below:

1)- Knowledge of the Menstrual Cycle

When taking a One Step Pregnancy Test, there are many things to consider, such as the time of day, how long you have been trying, and your menstrual cycle. The test must also be done on day 14 of your menstrual cycle if you are trying to conceive during that cycle.

2)- Time is important

To take a One Step Pregnancy Test, it is important to know what time of day you should take it to be done at the right time. If you are trying to take a One Step Pregnancy Test and it is not done at the right time, you may be getting an inaccurate result.

3)-  Less than Five-Day Case

If you have been trying to conceive for less than five days, it is recommended that you take the test on day 6 or 7.


It is not always easy to get a pregnancy test at the drugstore. You might have to go to multiple stores, wait in long lines, and pay more than you should. However, getting a One-Step Pregnancy Test from Walmart can save time and money. It is the most accurate and affordable test on the market.

It provides value-added benefits to women by giving them information about their baby’s health during the first trimester. The test also helps in the early detection of pregnancy which can help avoid complications for both mother and child.

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