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Ten Photography Selling Forums


There are many photography groups on social media, but none offer a rich, diverse and vibrant community for photographers to connect with, like Ten Photography Forums. Please post your photos or articles on the forums and see them reposted hundreds of times!

1- Instagram

Instagram is a social media app that helps people easily share their moments. It offers a variety of tools to help users achieve their goals and allows them to bring the world’s attention to their shared universe.


– It is easy to use, and the interface is user-friendly.

– It allows users to share their moments with those closest to them.

– People can easily go through their posts and find the content most interesting.

– It has various useful tools for manipulating images, videos, and text.


– Users must use the app on a mobile device.

– The live filters and effects don’t work well when users use their handsets.

– It is only available for Android and iOS devices.

Instagram is a social media app that allows people to share pictures, videos, and conversations with their closest friends. The interface is simple enough for a person to use without extensive knowledge of the software.

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2- Flickr

Flickr is a photo-sharing website where you can clear your pictures and share them with friends. Users can also browse through photos posted by others, even if they’re not a member. So join today and start making your photo collection grow.


– Fantastic lightweight app that’s easy to use and beautiful to look at.

-Similar features to other photo-sharing websites

-Flickr is not completely original, but its features are great.

-The interface is clean and easy for users of any age or experience.

-Easy navigation and editing tools make it simple for users to create new photos and share them with others.

-Flickr is completely free to use, so it doesn’t have any hidden fees or charges.

-Online photo sharing takes place in the Flickr community, meaning users can view and comment on other users’ photos.


-The site has a lot of advertising which can be very overwhelming at the times

-The app is ad-supported, just like other social media apps

-It is not private, and anyone can view your photos

– Flickr has a lot of spam on the site, which can be frustrating for users who don’t want to see it.


3- Reddit Photography

One of the most popular websites on Reddit, r/photography, is a community with over 7 million active subscribers. It is a treasure trove of information and inspiration for anyone interested in photography, whether you want to learn how to improve your photographs or see what others have been up to online.


– It is one of the most popular forums, with over 10 million active subscribers.

– A treasure trove of information and inspiration for anyone interested in photography.

– Many discussions are helpful to newbies and experienced photographers alike.


– Debates can be intense and sometimes unfriendly; many subscribers rely on the pictures posted to participate in the discussion.

– There is much low-quality content posted by amateurs and professional photographers alike in this subreddit.


4- Alamy

Alamy is the world’s leading stock photo agency. With more than 6 million pictures, they offer images to everyone from small businesses and bloggers to large corporations.

They can reach users worldwide with a powerful marketing tool that allows them to sell their stock photos online. Alamy was founded in London in 2004 by two photographers and had offices across Europe and Asia.


– They offer more affordable prices than other stock photo agencies.

– Their images are available on various platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest.

– They have an international presence allowing them to reach people worldwide.

– Alamy has helpful customer service, making it easy to sell your photos through their software.

– They can sell their stock photos for a wide range of prices, allowing them to reach users in different economic environments.

– Alamy has great quality and a large selection of high-definition pictures.

– The website is easy to use, offering ample opportunity for targeted advertising.


– Alamy charges a hefty 30% commission fee on every sale they make.

– They often offer sales in limited quantities.

– Purchasing Alamy stock photos is a bit more pricey than purchasing from other photo agencies.


5- 500px

500px is a photography community with a global perspective. It has over 70 million members and is one of the most popular websites in the world. The website was founded in 2010 by Sergej Kravchenko, Konstantin Puchkov and Evgeny Tchebotarev.


– It is one of the most popular photography websites in the world.

– The website has a global perspective.

– The community has 70 million members.

– It is free to join and post on the website.


– There is no direct contact with the staff at 500px.500px is a photography community with a global perspective. It has over 70 million members and is one of the most popular websites in the world.

The website was founded in 2010 by Sergej Kravchenko, Konstantin Puchkov and Evgeny Tchebotarev.


6- EyeEm

EyeEm is a world-famous photo-sharing website that lets you upload and share your photos. With over two billion photographs uploaded each month, the site offers an endless opportunity for photographers to create their portfolios and grow their careers. 


– It is a professional photo-sharing site.

– EyeEm offers easy editing tools and professional editing options, allowing you to edit and share your work without hassle.

– You can use the site’s quick upload tool to send photos immediately.

– It also includes features that target specific niche markets, such as travel photography, which can help photographers focus their efforts on those specialized areas.


– The site’s software is not the most user-friendly, and its mobile app isn’t as easy to use as other photo-sharing apps on this list.

-The site can trigger a lot of harassment, making people uncomfortable with posting their photos on EyeEm.500px. On the other hand, this online platform allows photographers to share their work with a large audience.

– It has limited search options, which aren’t accessible through the website’s main navigation bar.

– Additionally, 500px isn’t a platform that caters to amateur photographers- photographers must be licensed to publish their work.


7- LightStalking

LightStalking is a photo-sharing website that allows its members to share their photographs with the world. It has recently been wildly popular for its dynamic and intimate images.

But, if you’re not a member of LightStalking, you may never see these remarkable pictures. So, if this sounds like something you need to be a part of, you should visit the website today.


– The website is very easy to use.

– All you have to do is register for a free account, and then you should be able to start uploading photos immediately.

– From there, you can set up your privacy settings so that only those you want with unlimited access can see your photos.

– Most people are reluctant to share the intimate moments of their day-to-day lives with the world. But, LightStalking is a website that understands these moments’ importance and sees them as a celebration rather than something to be ashamed of.

– It was created because people needed a place to share their most rare and intimate photographs, which is exactly what it does today.


– If you want the photos you upload to be private, they may be seen by people, not on your friend’s list.


8- Photography Forum

This site allows professional and amateur photographers to share their photos. In addition, this website will enable members to post, comment, and share their work with the community. 


– Great way to find new photographers, attractive for networking and getting jobs.

– Users are encouraged to post their photoshoots which is very useful if you’re looking for new shoots.

– Complimentary membership comes with a photography website so members can showcase and sell their work, plus get free downloads of photos on the site.

– The site is very easy to navigate, with several different modules.

– The site has a large amount of information on photography and equipment that can be useful.

– Users are encouraged to provide critiques on other people’s work, which is a great way to learn more about what you’re doing.


– Members may access the full site as it requires a subscription.

– There are not many blogs or forums on the site.

– There are not many opportunities for engagement, as there is no real way to interact with members.

This website is a private, invite-only photography membership community where members can share their photos and connect with other photographers interested in shooting or trading work. In addition, members can post, comment on and share their work. No costs are associated with joining or using the site, but members must pay to sell their work.

photography Forum

9- Photography Talk

Photography Talk is a discussion board where photographers and enthusiasts can share their knowledge and discuss the world of photography. They have over 180,000 registered members from all over the world.


– They have a few hundred qualified and educated photographers on the site to answer your questions.

-This website offers some great contests and competitions.

– It is updated frequently with new articles and photography news.

– The website has a chat room where members can ask for help or advice from other members.

– Members can leave reviews, photos, and videos on the website.


– The site is not very beginner-friendly.-there are a lot of pictures of food.


10- iStock Photo

iStock Photo is a world-famous photo-sharing website that allows users to upload and share photos. iStock Photo offers a variety of royalty-free images, video, audio, and text.


-Free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

-300 million photos are included in their catalog.

-Can be used for business, blog posts, and more.

-Has a large collection of images from around the world.


-Have to upload images one at a time. So if you’re looking for a specific image, it can take some time.

Some of their images are not original and may be copyrighted. However, stock photo websites are a great resource for finding free royalty-free images. In addition, they offer a large collection of photos for many different uses, including blog posts, business cards, social media posts, etc.


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