The Worst Parenting Mistakes


I have compiled the worst parenting mistakes after carefully observing and conducting sessions with many parents throughout my career. As a result, many parents even successfully handle their children in co-parenting after separation.

Parents are the ultimate source of information for children. They need to be aware of what their kids are doing and how they’re doing it to guide them in the right direction.

The Worst Parenting Mistakes

When someone criticizes your Parenting, you need to stop and ponder for a moment. Then consider that you are not repeating these mistakes.

1)- Neglect their kids’ needs and desires

We all know how important it is to nurture our children. But the truth is that many parents don’t consider their children’s needs. They are not focused on what their children want, which leads to unnecessary arguments and fights between the parents and kids, resulting in an emotional upset for both parties. This is the same reason why co-parenting doesn’t work.

2)- Wrong methods of discipline & management

The way of discipline and management is changing from one generation to another. The best way to know the best method for your kid is to observe them. You can choose from different forms, but those methods have many drawbacks.

Parenting styles should be changed over time. You are supposed to shift your parenting approach concerning the age or gender of the child. For example, adolescents need a specific type of Parenting.

3)-  Teach their kids to be selfish

The worst parenting mistake is to teach them to be selfish. As parents, we want our children to be good and kind. This is what we teach our children from a young age. We want them to be good at doing things for themselves and not worry about the needs of others.

4)- Lack of Learning and research about Parenting

These parents:

A)- Don’t read books or blogs on raising kids.

B)- Don’t use a parenting guidebook or books on raising children to learn what works and doesn’t.

C)- Don’t listen to the advice of other parents who have attained success with their children.

5)- Don’t allow them to participate in activities

Don’t allow them to participate in their kids’ activities, hobbies, and interests. It’s hard to be there when they’re not interested. In them, and it’s even harder to be there when they’re not interested in you. The most encouraging parenting style in the US is authoritative, but you shouldn’t over-dose the children.

The rate of participation in activities and hobbies for children is steadily increasing. But on the other hand, it has been observed that a child who doesn’t participate in any activity or hobby tends to be unhappy, depressed, and bored. 

6)- Time Freedom

Don’t give them the time they need to do things of their own free will, like take a walk or play outside. Everyone has the right to choose their own time and do things of free will. So why can’t children?

They are developing differently than you were, learning skills you didn’t even know about. So instead of raising a child who knows all the answers, please don’t force them to learn something they don’t want to.

7)- Blaming Attitude

A parent will not always be able to prevent their child from making mistakes. Sometimes, it is their fault for making a mistake in the first place. This is what parenting instructors and other people have said for a long time. But many people still blame their children for every mistake they make.

These people believe that everything will be fine if they can figure out what mistakes the child made and stop blaming them for it. This is not true at all! Parents should not try to blame their children for everything that happens in life or school.

8)- Over pampering

Over pampering is the worst parenting mistake. It is said that every parent wants their child to be perfect and pampered, but what happens when that is not possible?

Children of over-pampered parents tend to be spoiled, but the opposite could also be true.

Children need to learn to make their own choices and decisions. They should not be forced into a certain way of acting or even allowed to make mistakes in learning.

Some parents cannot handle being pampered by their children and having them spoiled by others’ habits or excuses. If your child has a habit of being spoiled, she needs to learn how to deal with it.

9)- Give them space

Don’t pressure them to follow a certain routine or schedule for their time, like after-school activities or sleepovers.

Parents are pressured to follow a certain routine for their children, especially when scheduling their sleepovers or after-school activities.

This can cause a lot of stress on parents and lead to bad behavior, so it is important to understand that kids need their own time and space to grow, and they should be allowed to do so.

10)- Lack of Consultancy

Being a parent is not an easy task. Every day we have to solve a few problems with our kids, and it becomes impossible to cope with all of them. Therefore, it would be best if you simultaneously acted as a coach, guide, mentor, consultant, and therapist.

Usually, parents don’t have much time to understand their child’s problems. Few of us ignore their challenges or struggling period, which may be ignorable or minor according to our perspective, but it may be a huge challenge for them.


Parenting is not an easy task. The worst parenting mistakes that parents make can be very damaging to the development of their children. These mistakes can happen at any stage and are common to all parents.

The summary of these mistakes is as below:

– Neglect their kids’ needs and desires

– Wrong methods of discipline & management

– Teach their kids to be selfish

– Lack of Learning and research about Parenting

– Over Possessive and Authoritative

– Time Freedom

– Blaming Attitude

– Over pampering

– Lack of Consultancy

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