What is a Covenant Marriage


Covenant marriage is a lawfully particular sort of Marriage in three States. In this wedding, companions consent to get early marriage counseling and acknowledge more restricted justification for later looking for separate.

It is so far practiced in Arizona, Arkansas, and Louisiana. 

What is a Covenant Marriage

A covenant marriage is a marriage that is legally and spiritually binding.

The covenant marriage can be seen as an extension of the wedding ceremony where the couple agrees to live in harmony, with mutual love, respect, and care for one another.

It is a type of religious or spiritual marriage that is legally binding. It usually has a spiritual element and is a contract between two people who wish to join in holy matrimony.

The word ‘covenant’ has been used by many who enjoy the benefits of this relationship. However, we should not confuse covenant marriage with a plutonic marriage, as the latter emphasizes the spiritual concept of the relationship only. 

Components of Covenant Marriage

There are many reasons why a covenant marriage is very important today. The main reason is that it can bring peace to the life of a couple and the family. It also provides children with opportunities for their development and growth.

The basic components of covenant marriage are below:

1)- It is a legally acceptable marriage

2)- The wedding couple agrees to get pre-marital counseling

3)- Agreement that their Marriage will last for the rest of their lives

4)- Divorce is an option, but for a limited number of situations

The procedure of Covenant Marriage

The due process for Covenant marriage is:

First Step: The spouse must attend pre-marital counseling and discuss the Marriage’s responsibilities, nature, and duties.

Second Step: They sign an agreement declaring they want to keep their bounding for the rest of their lives.

Third Step: A divorce is an option subject to specific conditions like one of them needs to prove that their partner has committed adultery, felony, engaged in substance or sexual abuse, etc.

Unfortunately, a very small fraction (1%) of new couples adopt covenant marriage, and most couples choose a standard marriage contract. 

Benefits of Covenant Marriage

Covenant marriage is a form of Marriage in which the two people agree to live together in a life-long relationship. The key benefits of covenant marriage are that it is non-negotiable and provides an opportunity for people who are not married to enter into a personal and lasting relationship with someone else.

There are certain benefits attached to the covenant marriage:

1)- Successful Relationship

Covenant relationships are gaining popularity, and people with the abovementioned relationship are seeing great success. As a result, the word ‘covenant’ has been used by many enjoying the benefits of this relationship.

2)- Religiously admirable

The marriage covenant is a religious ceremony between a man and a woman. It is an event in which the marriage partners (the husband and wife) promise to support each other emotionally, financially, professionally, spiritually, or in any other way by sharing their life.

3)- Pre-marital Counseling

A few years ago, there were no marriage counselors in the world. Now, there are plenty of them. They have a lot of knowledge and experience to share with couples.

The idea behind this is that it is not enough to know why your Marriage needs counseling. You also need to understand how you can improve the relationship between you and your spouse to last longer.

4)- Limited Optional Divorce

Separation and divorce are nothing but the end of a relationship, which is a heartbreaking and emotionally painful event. There should be solid ground and valid reasons if you want to separate.

A mere change of mind is not enough as it will destroy the family, a basic unit of society. Covenant marriage will empower both to keep their relationship alive and make it hard to get separate. 

The major demerits are that it may be difficult to find someone who will accept you as their spouse and very hard to get out of the relationship if you want to leave.

The History of Covenant Marriage

The idea of a covenant marriage is not new. It has been around for thousands of years. It is a relationship between two people who have pledged to be together and stay together for the rest of their lives. The idea was first introduced in the Bible, and many religions still hold it today.

This Marriage is different from other marriages where one party does not want to commit to the relationship and divorce. Instead, one party does not want to commit to the relationship but stays in it because they want children with that person.

They also do not want each other’s company after their wedding day ends (i.e., divorce) because they are committed. The idea of a covenant marriage began in the Middle Ages and spread throughout Europe.

Christianity and Covenant Marriage

The early Christian Church believed divorce was sinful because divorce means breaking the marriage covenant and can be used as a tool to “drive out” someone from one’s life. In the Old Testament, when Jacob (Israel’s patriarch) married Rachel (Jacob’s wife),

Rachel and Leah (Rachel’s sisters) left Jacob. In the New Testament, Jesus said that divorce is never acceptable because it means “I divorce you” and “What I have divorced you to-be I now remarry.”

While Christian leaders encouraged Marriage, they did not condone divorce. So people were led to believe that Marriage was the way God wanted it and that divorce was the way God didn’t like it.

The Old Testament taught that if you treated your wife badly, the Lord would “drive you out” (Judges 19:8), and He could do so immediately after a marriage ceremony. The Lord could “drive her out if she mistreated her husband.”

This idea of God’s power over a divorce was very appealing, particularly to the Jewish leaders who controlled Marriage and divorce. They wanted to know whether God had unlimited power in this area.

Islam and Covenant Marriage

Islam and Covenant Marriage are two important aspects of life. They are not just a religious aspect but also an ethical one.

The Quran has a very clear definition of Marriage: “And marry not your women to those who have no sense until they have married, and you fear them not.” (Surah 4:3). The Quran also says that God is the only one who can make covenant marriages and that he will do so only with people who believe in him.

Though Muslims don’t differentiate their marriage contract as traditional vs. covenant marriage, Muslim Marriage’s essence is a long-term relationship for the betterment of society and family.

However, a few short-term marriage practices are also in practice across the Muslim world, like Nikah mut’ah and Misyar marriage. However, these short-term marriages are accepted and approved by a negligible portion of Muslim society. 

Wedding Costs for the Covenant Marriage

There are a lot of costs that come with a wedding, but the most significant cost is the wedding ceremony itself. You can choose from many different types of weddings, and each one will have its own set of costs.

A covenant marriage ceremony would cost lower than traditional marriage functions. Though the cost may vary, the covenant marriage costs $3000 to $5000 compared to the conventional marriage function, which may exceed more than $10,000. Covenant ceremonies have a more spiritual meaning than traditional ceremonies do.

The couple’s relationship is seen as an eternal union in God’s eyes, and this ceremony symbolizes this union. . Traditional ceremonies have a more secular meaning. The ceremony lasts about 1-2 hours, and the couple is seen as husband and wife in the eyes of society after this time.


A covenant marriage is an agreement between two people that they will be married for the rest of their lives. It is a religious wedding contract with the same legal status as a civil marriage.

Covenant marriages are becoming more popular in the United States because they are seen as a more modern and sustainable way to marry than civil marriages. In addition, covenants can be used to create all kinds of relationships, including those for couples who want to have children.


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