What is a Platonic Marriage


A platonic marriage is when the partners are not romantically involved or actively participating in a physical relationship. But still, it is a relationship with an intense connection.

It doesn’t mean the spiritual couple doesn’t perform sex at all. It stands that sex or physical intimacy is always a second priority. The main objective of platonic love is to share, show care, spend time together, exchange feelings, and express emotions.

The Platonic Marriage is a theory of marriage that has been around for more than two thousand years. However, it is still popular and widely accepted today. 

The Concept of Platonic Marriage

Researcher Marsilio Ficino first coined the idea of the concept of platonic in the fifteenth hundred years in Florence, Italy. He discussed love as platonic (“non-romantic love”), a heavenly, soul-associated love. However, it depended on Plato’s old-fashioned Greek way of thinking, who considered the affection for magnificence itself to be a higher, more ideal adoration than the body or physical love.

Pluto’s Concept of Love

To understand this relationship’s importance, we must go through the history of love. The Greek philosopher Plato wrote about it in his “Republic,” written around 380 BC.

In this book, he describes how each person has their personality and traits that make them unique, while another person (the other party) will complement their characteristics. This makes them perfect for each other – they complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, Pluto believes that love is an inspiration itself, and it happens with a gradual process with spiritual bounding instead of physical appearance. In short, beauty is but skin deep.

A Pure Plutonic Marriage – Is it practical?

A pure Platonic marriage is not as romantic as you might think. But unfortunately, the term “platonic” is a bit of a misnomer. It refers to the fact that there are no physical elements involved. But instead, it is purely an emotional relationship.

A platonic relationship is between two people with no sexual attraction toward each other, usually lasting for a long time before they get married. In this case, the person in question will be called the spouse, and they will also be named your life partner.

It seems a bit impractical as physical attraction or expression of love via sex is a natural way. However, you can’t deny the importance of an intimate relationship, keeping all spiritual attributes intact. Therefore, it looks almost impossible that a married couple failed to indulge in a romantic phase at all.

Should we perform sex in platonic marriage?

The relationship between you and your partner or spouse is one of the most important aspects of your life. It can be a source of happiness, frustration, and even stress.

This bounding can be made more intimate through platonic relationships plus physical intimacy. In addition, you can get to know each other better through platonic relationships, which are not over-sexual but have a close emotional bond.

You will learn about the good points of platonic relationships and the bad ones that come with them. Sexual attraction is natural and normal, but it should not blur the concept of spiritual bonding and mutual respect.

Platonic relationships are not just a fad. They are a good way to manage your relationship. The idea is simple: the more you know about your partner, the better you can understand them and act accordingly.

Sex leads to a deeper, spiritually-fulfilling connection with a partner. Without sex, the marriage looks incomplete. However, you can apply the 80 20 rule for better results and a long-run relationship

Tips for a successful Platonic marriage

This is a simple guide to help you with your relationship. It will help you to communicate and understand each other better. This is because you will learn how to act around each other and help you express your feelings without hurting the relationship.

1)- Understand each other’s feeling

The two of you need to be able to discuss your feelings and emotions with one another for the partnership to work best between you. However, not just talking matters, but understanding the issues.

2)- Listen

Listening to what the partner says and doesn’t say is one of the biggest skills you need to learn in a relationship. Deep listening will allow both of you to have better communication and understanding, even if it is not easy for one person.

3)- Open up your heart

For communication and understanding to work in a healthy relationship, you need to be open with one another. You must share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with your partner. It can be challenging for one person to let that special someone into their heart and mind for the first time, but it will help both of you grow stronger as a couple.

4)- Be a communicator

In the same way, you need to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with your partner to help you grow stronger as a couple, so should you be willing to communicate with your partner. However, sharing can be hard because we often want our partners’ approval, and approval from them can sometimes feel like a weight on our shoulders.

5)- Words are too few to express

Sometimes words are too few to express feelings and emotions. But on the other hand, sex or physical intimacy is not just a biological need but also enhances spiritual bonding and understanding. Therefore, it is okay to have sex or indulge in romance as these steps will strengthen your relationship.


A spiritual marriage can be an ideal relationship between two people. Usually, we define spiritual marriage as a relationship between two people who have no romantic feelings toward each other. They would not want to be in a relationship, but they can work together and live together for several years.

But it is not true. The fact is that it is more spiritual than physical. But you can’t avoid sex at all. Sex is always a driving force in strengthening love, affection, and relationship.

A spiritual marriage can also be ideal for someone who offers more and expects less. The couple truly became soulmates, and nothing can tear them apart.

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